Facebook Strategy

icon"Hit the Like button" on as many pages that pertain to your target audience. By hitting the like pages you become friends with those pages and are able to post on their walls your messages that will be seen by all of those networks not directly sourced to your page.

Twitter Strategy

iconSame concept here with following people as Facebook. This is a great place to reach the masses. Engagement is the key to twitter. Retweets and replies = mentions for you. Mentions=exposure. Tweeters are media hungry and they are seeking good information and the latest news on the topics they are interested in.

LinkedIn Strategy

iconIt's so easy to generate leads from LinkedIn. The advanced search function helps you get in touch with the exact people you want to be connected with. By creating a LinkedIn group gives you the ability to generate an amazing number of leads from high-end decision makers.


Talent Recruitment

Our vision is simply to be our customer's first choice solution to meeting their staffing and service needs.


Social Media Training

Onsite Training or Online Training of staff and representatives to execute your marketing strategies.


About HunterLynx

HunterLynx is a company who will take care of your Brand Development, Event or Project Management, Online Marketing or even Recruiting for your company. You don't have to worry about anything!